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An automatic continuous cooling sterilizer with a steaming system.
Continuous transportation of food by placing it on packets.
We have sold over 300 machines around the world.

Temperature control is accurate and easy
The temperature in the heating chamber is precisely and stably controlled by simply setting an arbitrary temperature from 60 C up to 99 ℃ on the controller panel.

Significant energy savings
Steam sterilization does not need to boil water to the high temperature. During the time of continuous operation below 95 ℃, no vapor outflow occurs from the device. That means heat loss is very little and the usage of vapor is around 60% compared to the usage in the hot water system.In the case of hot water sterilization device, hot water pollution occurs. That means water replacement is necessary every day.In the case of steam sterilization device, as it does not use hot water, it enables the usage amount of water shall be significantly reduced.

Shorten the warm-up time
Compared to conventional hot water device, as there is no necessity of boiling water, warm-up time of the device is significantly reduced.

Improvement of workplace environment
As there is no vapor outflow from the device, exhaust fan and air duct are unnecessary. So the system enables to prevent the rise of temperature and the humidity in the factory. That will reduce the construction expenses and maintenance expenses.

Improvement of product quality
As the steam sterilization system has the superiority in the thermal conductivity to the’ products, it has the advantage in the texture, color, aroma to the products compared to the hot water sterilization system. The steam sterilization system does not have over cooking problem like as the conventional hot water sterilization system sometimes owns because the temperature control is strict and manageable. In the case of the hot water sterilization system, the hot water pollution occurs due to inappropriate wrapping and lack of water changing. So the dirt will attached to the surface of products and it will damage the gloss of the film. In the case of the steam sterilization system, as it does not use hot water, gloss of the surface remains in the surface of the products and remain to be beautiful.

As Lift Steamer Z is designed to utilize three-dimensional space effectively, it can be installed in the space-saving place. We will design and manufacture in full tailor made style according to the users’ production capacity and factory layout space.